Creative Ways to Improve How People See You: Adding Prestige to Who You Are

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Google, Idea Generation, Innovation Method | 0 comments

What makes luxury brands and products so special? They’ve got the prestige or reputation that’s unparalleled. Now, what if you’re able to translate that into you as a person?
Here are some steps to upgrade who you are and transform yourself from where you are today into a person of prestige.

The Checklist to Prestige

  1. Become a masterful solution. 

Look at what you need to do to upgrade your skills. Whether that’s graduate work, a seminar, or online training, do it in a way that makes you unique.

  1. Be the best of the best. 

Become the best at something better than anyone else, which is a lifelong goal to work towards. Build a plan for that. Figure out your competencies, skills, knowledge, and the behaviors you need to build that proficiency. Then do it efficiently year after year to build your skills. 

  1. Come in a polished wrap.

You have to look the part. Improve your etiquette skills. Upgrade the interior, the exterior, and everything you do. 

  1. Provide elevated service.

The Rule of Reciprocity is a principle that means if you are seen as a person who gives to others, you’re going to get back that same favor in return. People feel a natural obligation to help those who have given to them. Be that first person and make the first move to go out and help people.

  1. Develop a distinct brand.

Take the set of beliefs and behaviors you exhibit every day and codify them into what you stand for. Just plant your flag that says who you are and be consistent. Let other people know your values. Be transparent.

  1. Build your fan base. 

Find a mentor who would coach you. Get endorsements on LinkedIn. Ask others for help. Get others around you to be your fan base. 

  1. Build alliances with other prestigious brands. 

You are the company you keep. If you want to be seen as a prestigious person, hang out with credible and trustworthy experts. Change your crowd and join that community. It could be a trade organization in your business or a conference or some functional area. Nurture relationships with others that are your tribe.
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