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Meeting and conference planners have a lot of tasks, but more than anything, they are charged with putting on an engaging and entertaining event.

Drew Boyd gets audiences up on their feet, totally engaged, and generating new ideas within minutes. There’s a certain shock value in his keynotes, both in the content and the delivery.

Drew’s main message is that creativity is a skill, not a gift. It can be learned like any other skill. The key is to use patterns. For thousands of years, innovators have used patterns in their inventions, usually without realizing it. These patterns regulate your thinking and channel your ideation so that you produce amazing and completely unexpected ideas in a systematic way.

Now most people are very surprised to hear this, so Drew lets them experience what it feels like during the keynote. And what’s great about innovation and creativity is that it applies to any audience out there. Drew has presented to hundreds of audiences, ranging from breakout sessions at schools and corporations to keynote addresses at major conferences.

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