Innovation Inside the Box Podcast

Innovation Inside the Box features structured creativity and innovation strategies for leaders who want to think differently, be more innovative, implement change and, grow. The conversations you’ll hear will help you apply innovation methods to services and processes, overcome resistance to ideas, and create a culture of innovation.

Drew Boyd is a global leader in creativity and innovation, international public speaker, award-winning author and innovation blogger, and university professor who has worked with clients such as GE Aviation, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Stryker, Danaher, Kaiser Permanente, Eli Lilly, Underwriters Lab, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati Bell, and Toyota. He teaches teams, businesses and governments how to solve tough problems to create a culture of innovation and a flowing pipeline. Drew reframes the innovation process in a way that makes people more—not less—creative.

February 8, 2021

Episode 029: Are You Sitting on The Next Big Thing?

Do you have an idea for a great invention you think is going to improve people’s lives and perhaps change the world? You may have been […]
February 1, 2021

Episode 028: Why Some People See Creative Ideas More Clearly Than Others

Are you one of those people that a company would choose to call to get feedback about their products or services? Do you have the right […]
January 25, 2021

Episode 027: Creative Ways to Improve How People See You: Adding Prestige to Who You Are

Today, I’m going to share with you some concepts and insights from my newly released book, Adding Prestige to Your Portfolio: How to Use the Creative […]
January 18, 2021

Episode 026: What’s In a Name?

Want to be more creative – fast? Here’s a shortcut to becoming more creative: change the names of the things around you every day. Names have […]
January 11, 2021

025: Mastering Creative Thinking: Two Techniques to Make Creative Thinking Stick

Creativity can be learned, and there are patterns you can use to generate creative ideas. If you’ve listened to our previous episodes, you’re pretty much familiar […]
January 4, 2021

024: The Creative Power of Thinking Big: How to Improve Your Ideas with One Simple Trick

Think big. You’ve probably heard that a lot of times. But does this apply to creative thinking as well? As leaders, we need to be more […]
December 28, 2020

023: The Temptation of Creative Ideas: How We View Ideas Differently Depending on the Source

The next time you come up with a great idea, do me a favor – don’t share it with anyone! If you want your ideas to […]
December 21, 2020

022: You’re Awesome! How Sarcasm Enhances Creativity

Comedian Bill Murray’s classic line, “You’re awesome!” was sarcasm at its best.  Sarcasm is the idea of using irony in a way to mock somebody or […]
December 14, 2020

021: The Golden Rule of Creativity

Have you ever experienced working in a company where your colleagues tend to withhold information? And you know they’re not going to share it with you […]