The Creative Power of Thinking Big: How to Improve Your Ideas with One Simple Trick

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January 11, 2021
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January 18, 2021

The Creative Power of Thinking Big: How to Improve Your Ideas with One Simple Trick

Think big.

You’ve probably heard that a lot of times. 

As leaders, we need to be more aggressive, take more risks, and challenge ourselves to think bigger. We also do this with our teams, and it does work most of the time.

But does this apply to creative thinking as well? 

Can you really improve your creative thinking by just thinking big? 

A quick way to boost your creative thinking and improve the quality and originality of your ideas is to forecast their potential effect. When you apply this to any project you’re working on, you get to generate more powerful ideas.

Results from the University of Oklahoma Study

Researchers from the University of Oklahoma studied the effect of forecasting on idea evaluation and implementation planning. 

They took 141 undergraduate students and randomly assigned them into two groups. Both groups were given the task of formulating an advertising campaign for a new product to be evaluated by a panel of judges.

While one group was told to just create the ad campaign, the second group was asked to also forecast the implication of their ideas. In other words, what could happen if the idea was implemented? 

The researchers found that the students who mentally imagined the potential effects of their ideas most extensively produced the best ideas.

What It Means in Practice

When you are generating ideas with your colleagues, mentally simulate the effect of this idea and walk through the steps. Think about this idea really being implemented and its potential impact. 

Stretch yourself. Don’t let anything hold you back. Dream a little bit and think about the idea in terms of its long-range impact. This simple move will help you pull your ideas into more elegant realms and shape ideas more effectively.

Like any other skill, creativity is a skill that can be learned. The secret, of course, is in patterns that mankind has used for thousands of years. 

Now, try to combine the creative power of thinking big and the techniques of the Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) method. And just imagine the powerful things you can do in your life.To hear more on the creative power of thinking big, listen to the full podcast episode here: Episode 024: The Creative Power of Thinking Big: How to Improve Your Ideas with One Simple Trick.