Two New Apps to Help You Learn Creativity

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March 1, 2021
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March 8, 2021

Two New Apps to Help You Learn Creativity

Can you learn to be more creative? 


There are lots of ways for you to learn about systematic creativity. In fact, here are two amazing apps found right at your fingertips.

Just think about how using these can benefit both your personal and professional life. 

Trust me, it’s going to improve so many things about how you see the world around you and how you take advantage of the wisdom of patterns. 

Although these apps are very beneficial to educators and practitioners, it’s also for everyone who wants to get down deeper into the nuts and bolts of how the SIT method works. 

So dive in, learn, develop, and become a student of creativity.

1. Alpe Audio

Creative Thinking – Inside the Box is an audio app where you’ll learn about the Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) method, a framework to help you systematically generate creative ideas. It lays down the principles around the five SIT techniques, namely: Subtraction, Task Unification, Multiplication, Attribute Dependency, and Division. 

The course is broken down into digestible, bite-sized audio lessons, running about 20 to 30 minutes each.

2. Omnivati 

Omnivati is a toolkit to help you rapidly generate ideas using the SIT techniques. It’s the perfect tool for both educators and practitioners because of its intuitive user-interface, structured process, and its ability for remote collaborative work. 

For instance, the idea behind the attribute dependency technique is that as one thing changes, another thing changes, thus creating this dependency. A great example would be the transition sunglasses that adjust to their environment. The lenses automatically turn dark as you go outside and then get back to normal, clear lenses once you get inside. 

A lot of educators will probably find this app useful especially that attribute dependency could be the hardest technique to learn. Basically, it does the thinking for you in many ways. It creates the set of attributes – both internal and external – and it does this manipulation for you. 

Now, all you have to do is the fun part where you generate ideas after the app has done all the heavy lifting of creating the “virtual products” for you. 

To hear more on the different resources for learning creativity, listen to the full podcast episode here: Episode 031: Two New Apps to Help You Learn Creativity.