Adding Prestige to Your Portfolio

How to Use the Creative Luxury Process to Develop Products Everyone Wants

Contrary to popular belief, luxury is a well-defined code that can be reapplied to any other product or service to enhance its value. Adding Prestige to Your Portfolio reveals how non-luxury companies can apply the principles of luxury and creativity to transition parts of their portfolio to luxury status.

Adding Prestige to Your Portfolio describes how companies can elevate any product or service at each step of the customer buying journey (awareness, search and compare, purchase, use, advocate). By applying the creativity technique Closed World Principle, readers can determine which luxury benefits (security, fun, self-respect, self-fulfillment, accomplishment, recognition, relationships or belonging) would best map to their product or service and garner the greatest business impact at that particular stage of the customer buying journey.

Illustrated with examples from industries as diverse as healthcare and industrial equipment, Adding Prestige to Your Portfolio shows companies how to borrow the elements of luxury and sprinkle them throughout the customer experience in order to strengthen loyalty and increase their appeal to potential new customers. Online resources include sample syllabi, templates to aid in application of framework, case studies and discussion questions.

Release date is January 26, 2021. Available now for pre-sale.


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Adding Prestige to Your Portfolio

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Adding Prestige to Your Portfolio
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