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Give your team or meeting attendees an experience, not another lecture. Drew Boyd can turn your online platform into an innovation lab with his highly interactive virtual presentations.


Forget the Podium

Discover Ideas That Translate

The message is the main thing. Drew’s only goal is to share with audiences how innovation is not brainstorming but a process. He can do that for you on Zoom, or any platform you choose. Drew’s interactive presentations draw in attendees attention, keeps them engaged, and leaves them informed.

Drew’s Goal is to Share How Innovation is Not Brainstorming But Rather a Structured Process to Focus Creative Input

Presentation Focuses On

Solutions to Problems

Drew creates an experience that outlines a hypothetical solution and then outlining the problems that it solves.

Creating Innovation Teams

Drew teaches to organize and lead innovation teams and embed innovation into the corporate culture.

Virtual Training Topics

It’s easy to bring in Drew for virtual training. He can provide access to his Zoom or use the platform of your choice. Your team and meeting attendees are clamoring for engaging, memorable experiences.

That is exactly what Drew delivers with these popular presentations.

Creativity Lessons From a Pandemic

Brief: Shocks to the system yield new insights we would not have seen otherwise, for better or worse. A sudden and dramatic change breaks our normal routines and overcomes fixedness, a cognitive bias we all have that makes it difficult to imagine configurations other than what we’re used to. Pandemics, for example, lead to new creative ideas emerge that will likely change how we do things. The COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic is well on its way to teaching us a lot.


Length: 1-hour keynote

Audience Size: 10 to 500

Best For: Senior leadership audiences in the private or public sectors

Inside the Box: The Systematic Inventive Thinking Method

Systematic Inventive Thinking allows you to harness patterns mankind has used for thousands of years. In this hands-on experience, Drew leads participants to their “innovation epiphany” so they know what it feels like to innovate in a systematic way. Includes case studies from over 14 years of experience with the method.

Length: 1-hour keynote to full-day workshop

Audience Size: 10 to 5000

Best For: Corporate audiences in any industry or function

Innovation for Leaders: New Behaviors to Simulate Growth Brief

Brief: Leaders need a new set of behaviors to create the right environment for innovation. In this program, leaders learn the skills of innovation and how those skills translate to behaviors that foster growth. Includes case studies from global companies.

Length: 1-hour keynote

Audience Size: 10 to 200

Best For: Senior leadership audiences in the private or public sectors

Resistance to Innovation: How to Overcome the Inevitable Brief

Resistance and innovation are inseparable. They define one another. In this program, participants will learn and apply a structured framework to identify the specific sources of resistance to innovation. They will then learn how to apply six universal principles of persuasion to overcome resistance and gain alignment.

Length: 1-hour keynote to half-day workshop

Audience Size: 10 to 500

Best For: Technology or commercial-oriented groups focused on innovations

The Innovation Landscape: What Really Works Out There?

Brainstorming? Open Innovation? SIT? The landscape is full of methodologies promising to take your organization to new heights. But what does the data say? This provocative keynote reveals the truth behind the innovation industry and shares how to evaluate the plethora of creativity methods.

Length: 1 hour keynote

Audience Size: 10 to 500

Best For: Technology or commercial-oriented groups focused on innovation

Innovation in Social Media: Getting to the Next Level

Many believe that children have an innate creative advantage over adults. Not so. Children need to be taught the cognitive skills of creativity like anyone else. Parents often “outsource” this to schools that are ill-prepared to teach. In this keynote, Drew shares a framework that any parent or teacher can use to prepare children to be more creative.

Length: 1-hour keynote to half-day workshop

Audience Size: 20 to 200

Best For: Parents, educators, policymakers

Virtual Speaker Kit

Drew Boyd shows companies how to harness the power of innovation through virtual events.