Marketing Leaders

In many organizations, marketing leaders are tasked with the innovation pipeline. Successful leaders keep the pipeline flowing with a steady stream of new products and services.

The challenge is balancing competing priorities and developing ideas that are possible to produce and needed in the market; there are no black and white answers. Right after delivering quarterly business results, the pressure is on immediately to create the next big growth opportunity.

It’s critical that your brands innovate because you’re part of an overall portfolio. Your company has other choices in that portfolio it can invest in. If you can’t show your pipeline will deliver higher growth than other investments, your brand’s share of the budget will start shrinking.

The solution for enabling a creative and innovative culture is to use patterns. For thousands of years, innovators have used patterns in their inventions, usually without realizing it. These patterns can regulate your thinking and channel your ideation so that you produce amazing and completely unexpected ideas in a systematic way.

Drew Boyd helps commercial leaders across the globe to build an innovation competency in the organization. He will show you that innovation is a skill that can be learned like any other skill. Start with a live presentation and workshops on Drew’s SIT method or online courses.

Marketing Leaders


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Marketing Leaders

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