R & D Leaders

R&D leaders are tasked with keeping the pipeline flowing with a steady stream of new products and services.

The challenge is how to keep it full and flowing? How do R&D leaders generate new and amazing ideas to put into the pipeline and keep the wheels of progress moving?

If you’re an R&D or technical leader in your company, there’s no doubt that you’re thinking about this question. No matter what level you are in the organization, you have to be concerned about your innovation platform and how you generate new concepts.

So what’s the answer? For thousands of years, innovators have used SIT patterns in their inventions, usually without realizing it. These patterns are embedded into the products and services you see around you every day. Think of these patterns as the DNA of a product or service.

Imagine if you had a way to apply those patterns in a systematic way to create new products or services. That’s what some of the most successful companies in many industries are doing today, and you can too. SIT is so effective because it becomes the idea generation method that bolts onto any existing platform you’re using.

Drew Boyd can show you how.

R & D Leaders


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R & D Leaders

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