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Innovate! Inside the Box is a web application that facilitates the use of Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT). SIT is a comprehensive suite of Thinking Tools, Principles, Facilitation, Project Management, and Organizational Innovation programs. The five unique techniques in this app are the core of the SIT method, and were developed through rigorous research, studying thousands of patents and inventive solutions.

How to Use the App:

  • Learn one or all of the five techniques to understand how each one works and how to apply them.
  • Create a new project of your own and follow the instructions on how to apply one or all of the SIT method techniques.
  • After applying the method(s), see what ideas you’ve come up with. If you’re happy with your idea, the app will allow you to write a more detailed description, get a new virtual product and share your breakthrough innovation via email, Facebook and Twitter.
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The App


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The App

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