Episode 101: A Quick and Effective Technique for Expressing Yourself Creatively

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Inside the Box Innovation, Podcast | 0 comments

How many times have you found yourself fumbling for the best way to describe something? Perhaps you’ve felt that no matter how clearly you explain your subject, your description just doesn’t match the emotions you felt when witnessing it.

I’m here to tell you that creative writing doesn’t have to be your expertise in order to write compelling descriptions.

Today’s episode will walk you through a tip I discovered when writing my most recent book. As I was writing, I found it challenging to find interesting, unique ways to describe the subject matter.

Since creative writing is not my strongest skill, I realized I would have to try something a little different.

The strategy I discovered involves creating lists of words grouped by specific domains and matching them together to create new ideas and associations. The best part is that this tip can be used in many different forms of writing and can be easily tailored to your specific writing needs. I will even show you how easily you could use this method to create powerful descriptors right off the cuff for a purpose completely different from my original idea.

Simple, structured tips like this can set you on the path for writing—and thinking-–more creatively.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. How to create new descriptors through domain-specific word matching
  2. Why random word association isn’t the best way to generate creativity
  3. Suggestions on how to make this technique work for you