Announcing LinkedIn Learning a-la-carte!

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February 27, 2019
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April 16, 2019

Announcing LinkedIn Learning a-la-carte!

Many of you enjoy the benefit of sharpening your skills through LinkedIn Learning courses. To date, LinkedIn offers access to their entire course library via subscription. I am excited to announce that starting this Wednesday, March 27, LinkedIn will begin testing an “a-la-carte” model that will let learners like you purchase individual courses as an addition to the subscription model.

I’m also glad to share that a number of my courses are included in this testing period. If you are a motivated learner with one-time learning needs, or if you aren’t familiar enough with LinkedIn Learning to commit to a subscription, I recommend you consider one of the following courses as an opportunity to experience for yourself the value of LinkedIn Learning.

Courses available via a-la-carte beginning March 27:

·      Business Innovation Foundations

·      Marketing Foundations

·      Branding Foundations

·      Marketing Foundations: Understanding Consumer Behavior

·      Sales Management Foundations

·      Leading a Marketing Team

·      Top 10 Marketing Challenges

·      Identify Sales Growth Opportunities

·      Measure Salesforce Effectiveness

·      Sales Forecasting

·      Creative Thinking

·      Key Account Management

·      CMO Foundations: Marketing for Social Change

·      B2B Marketing Foundations: Pricing Strategies