Global Innovation Platform SOSA Partners with Elron

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SOSA, the leading global innovation platform that connects international organizations to innovative technology, has entered into a strategic partnership with Elron, a top Israeli early stage investment firm specializing in cyber. SOSA recently partnered with the New York City Economic Development Corporation to help launch NYC’s first-ever Cyber Center, dedicated to transforming the city into a global leader of cyber security innovation and talent. SOSA’s access to the NYC system of enterprises and investors, coupled with Elron’s strong technological, business and industry expertise and nine cybersecurity portfolio companies, promises a unique collaboration that will boost the cyber ecosystem worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Elron, and serve as a bridge between the burgeoning United States and Israeli technology systems,” said Uzi Scheffer, SOSA’s CEO. “We know Elron will fully leverage the programming and networking offered at SOSA’s Global Cyber Center; from industry-specific events to a virtual testing ground to run simulations, there’s no shortage of opportunities for collaboration to drive strategic investments and cyber technology implementation in leading corporations in New York City and Israel. Elron will also be able to take advantage of our growing worldwide presence and connections as we look to expand to Europe by the end of the year.”

SOSA will connect Elron with its network of 250 multinational corporations and investors, and more than 15,000 startups, enabling the company to better connect business to solutions, expand its investor base, and advance its portfolio companies.

“We have observed increased interest in cybersecurity in New York City, and strongly believe in the potential for Israeli companies to thrive there,” noted Elron CEO Ari Bronshtein. “Combining our experience with SOSA’s unique position and innovative approach, we look forward to developing strategic relationships with other key players in the U.S. cyber market, in order to strengthen our portfolio companies’ business opportunities and partner with other investors.”

SOSA is at the center of Israel’s thriving tech ecosystem and the hotbed of innovation coming from the East Coast, perfectly positioned to connect the two networks. As businesses look for global solutions and advances, SOSA will play an integral role in joining these groundbreaking companies with corporations, governments and cities across the world. By partnering with SOSA, companies within virtually any vertical are able to discover new growth opportunities and exceed customer expectations.

“It’s a great opportunity for U.S. enterprises and venture capital firms targeting the Israeli cybersecurity market to engage and gain exposure to innovators, startups and strategic investment opportunities,” noted Zohar Rozenberg, Vice President of Cyber Investments, Elron. “Joining forces with SOSA will better enable us to fulfill our shared vision of building a strong bridge between the Israeli cyber ecosystem and the New York hub.”  

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SOSA, a global innovation platform with centers in Tel Aviv and New York, serves as an ecosystem partner that connects corporations, governments and cities to the most innovative technologies. SOSA’s innovation network provides access to more than 15,000 start-ups, 250 investors, venture-capital funds and international corporations, including Jefferies, Munich Re, HP, E.ON and more. SOSA was founded in 2014 by a group of prominent Israeli investors and entrepreneurs, in order to create a unique place for the technological innovation industry, aimed to promote joint business activities. Each year, SOSA generates dozens of POCs and enables thousands of business interactions among its members.

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Elron is a leading early-stage investor committed to turning promising ideas into global industry leaders, with a proven track record of investments and successful M&As worldwide. Elron invests in medical devices, cyber security and IT.  Since its establishment in 1962, Elron stands on the forefront of Israeli innovation both as founders and early investors in companies across various industries such as Elbit, Medingo, Given Imaging, Cloudyn and Cyber Secdo.