Graduate Certificate in Innovation

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I am pleased to announce the launch of The Graduate Certificate in Innovation at the Lindner College of Business. The 12 credit hour program is the first of its kind to package Systematic Inventive Thinking, design thinking, and commercial strategy into one comprehensive package. It is the first certificate course that combines business courses with courses from our globally-ranked College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP).

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) believes business schools must focus more on specific skills that support innovation, reinvent curricula to be more integrative, and convene executive programs that create new ideas and networks. Business schools must promote interdisciplinary research and recognize that innovation can come from advances in the theory, practice, or teaching of management. “Through outreach activities, such as business plan competitions, student consulting projects, and business incubators, business schools’ activities contribute directly to innovation in the communities they serve.”

Business schools have long recognized the need to offer programs targeting innovation as a driver of growth. But few can do it comprehensively – from ideation to full commercial launch.  That is the aim of our new certificate.  Students coming out of this program will be able to step into any organization and drive innovation results. The inter-disciplinary Graduate Certificate is targeted at anyone engaged in the process of creating and commercializing innovative new products and services. It includes coursework in innovation methodology, research, management, design, and entrepreneurship; and gives students a sound understanding of the principles and processes of innovation, and management of the innovation process.


The certificate requires 4 core courses totalling 8 credits…

  • MKTG7014    Systematic Innovation Tools
  • MGMT7035    Management of Innovation
  • MKTG7021    Design Thinking for Business
  • MKTG7020    New Product Development

…and 4 credits from any of the following electives:

  • MKTG7012    Marketing Research
  • MKTG7013    Qualitative Research Methods
  • MKTG7015    Consumer Insights
  • MKTG7035    Marketing Strategy for Managers
  • MKTG7027    e-Marketing (Social Media)
  • ENTR7005    Entrepreneurship
  • DSGN7021    Design Strategy & Thinking

This is a great lineup of electives because it lets the student tailor their certificate program to the type of innovation work they want to do.  For example, a student seeking more skills at the “front end” of innovation would take the marketing research and insights courses.  A student who wants to develop strong innovation strategic skills would add Marketing Strategy and Design Thinking.  Finally, a student who wants to engage in the launch and commercialization of new inventions could take the coursework in Entrepreneurship and e-Marketing.