009: How to Create and Run an Innovation Pilot Program

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Podcast, Systematic Growth | 0 comments

Once you’ve embraced this idea that creativity can be systematic, and you’ve started to invest time and energy learning the Systematic Inventive Thinking or SIT – a very common question for you at this point is – how do you spread what you know to others?

How do you get your boss on board with this? Or how do you try this at your company? 

How do you get the others to see its value, especially in terms of generating growth within the company?

In this episode, I talk about how to run an innovation pilot program. 

Pilot programs are an effective and low-cost way to test new ideas. They help you gain insights around innovation techniques or methods and how those can be applied to different parts of the business. They shed light on what’s going on in an organization and how they can help the organization see you as a valuable contributor.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. What is an innovation pilot program?
  2. How to run an innovation pilot program
  3. When’s the best time to strike the idea of a pilot program?
  4. Why you need to get support from your colleagues and other departments
  5. Two things to think about after your program has been approved
  6. What to do once the pilot program is done


Resources from this episode:

Downloadable scorecard to rate your idea

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