Episode 063: Home, Home on the Range – Creative Lessons in Our National Parks

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Podcast, Systematic Growth | 0 comments

“Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play!”

You probably recognize that lyric from the very popular song, Home on the Range. That song is top of mind right now because my wife and I just returned from Yellowstone National Park. While there, we saw plenty of buffalo, deer, antelope, and elk.

I also noticed something very interesting about the buffalo while at Yellowstone. There is something the park rangers can learn from watching these buffalo. As a result, they do something very creative. 

In this episode, I’m diving into what that lesson from the buffalos (or bison) is and dive deep into the creative lessons we can learn from our national parks.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. What biomimicry is.
  2. What bison can teach us that leads to a creative act.
  3. How park rangers have followed the buffalo to know where to build safety boardwalks.
  4. What omission neglect is.
  5. Other ways we can apply this biomimicry lesson.
  6. What pareidolia is and how we do it all the time.
  7. How all of this related to the task unification technique in the SIT method.

Resources from this episode:

Downloadable scorecard to rate your idea