Innovation Suite 2010 – New York City

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SIT will be conducting its 5th innovation course in New York City from Nov 1-3, 2010.  This course is designed for middle management and above, but most anyone can benefit from the learning experience. Participants of previous courses were Presidents, Marketing VPs and Directors, R&D VPs and Directors, Innovation Teams, and Product Directors from both large multinationals and smaller organizations. You can register for it at

Here are the goals of the course:

  • Be able to independently apply SIT innovation tools to your own business issues to arrive at solutions that you would not normally think of.
  • Learn how to develop a culture and practice of innovation in your organization utilizing only existing resources and structures, resulting in a less traumatic organizational change.
  • Begin to work on a relevant issue and arrive at some ideas through the 3-day workshop and the coaching hours.
  • Gain facilitation skills and receive support for conducting innovation mini-sessions in your organization.
  • Network with like-minded innovation lovers from a variety of companies, and learn how they approach innovation.
  • Be able to implement the knowledge acquired in the course upon your return to your company thanks to a structured follow-up program.

The course fee is $2,800 which includes course tuition; coaching hours; SIT materials including an internal “mini-session facilitation kit”; 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 1 dinner.  The course fee will be rebated back to you if your company orders a project from SIT by May 1st 2011.


Day 1: Use SIT to be more effective by thinking and acting differently.
The first day is all about you and your work: improve your ability to act, think, react, and deliver, by using our tools and principles, while generating unique, efficient solutions for practically any situation.
By 5:30pm you will know how to apply the following to your tasks:

• Some SIT principles and thinking tools for New Product Development
• SIT’s approach to Problem Solving

Day 2: SIT-in-action.
The second day will mostly be conducted by SIT-trained innovation leaders in large organizations around the world.  By 5:30pm you will know how SIT works on different scales and levels of organizations after you have:

• Heard first-hand testimonials, challenges, and case-studies of innovation management using the SIT method
• Learned more SIT tools from the experienced innovation leaders

Day 3: Putting it all to work
The third day is all about you and your team and how to harness your team’s knowledge and resources to meet your business goals, improve the results of strategic projects, and find ways to stealthily add new thinking to many everyday situations.  By 5:30pm you will know how to manage a short innovation process after you:

• Learned how to identify needs and opportunities for innovation
• Participated in a team-innovation session on a real business topic
• Learned what needs to be done to ensure deployment of the results