Innovation Suite 2011 in Berlin

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SIT will hold its 7th Innovation Suite in Berlin, Germany from October 24-26, 2011.  Participants will learn the tools and principles of the SIT method step-by-step.  They will also learn how to implement an innovation program within their companies.  It is an intensive learning experience with some of SIT’s most experienced facilitators.

Here is what a participant had to say about it:

Agenda (from the SIT website):

Day 1 – Learn SIT to think and act differently

By 5:30pm you will know how to apply:
– SIT principles and thinking tools for New Product Development
– SIT’s approach to Problem Solving

Day 2 – SIT-in-action

The second day will be conducted mostly by SIT-trained innovation leaders from large organizations around the world.

By 5:30pm you will know how SIT works on different scales and levels of organizations after you have:
– Heard first-hand testimonials, challenges, and case-studies of innovation managers.
– Learned additional SIT tools from the experienced innovation leaders.

Day 3 – Putting it all to work

The third day is all about you and your team, and how to harness your team’s knowledge and resources to meet your business goals, improve the results of strategic projects, and find creative ways to use new thinking in everyday situations.

By 5:30pm you will know how to manage a short innovation process after you have:
– Learned how to identify needs and opportunities for innovation
– Led an innovation session on a real business topic of your own
– Learned what needs to be done to ensure results

After the program, participants will receive personal coaching to help apply the new skills in their organizations and implement an innovation program.